Monday, August 10, 2015

Can you handle the cuteness?

A recent family trip resulted in the acquisition of a new kitten.  Ever since meeting him, we have been enamored by his utter kitten cuteness and his friendly personality.  Currently, he has a room to himself so that our other two cats can get used to the new addition through closed doors.  Visited frequently by every member of the family for play time and cuddle time, it is a usual occurrence to find him in his little bed of sheep's wool.  And, yes, he has his own bed of sheep's wool; hand-dyed sheep's wool in this beautiful shade of fuchsia...

My muse comes to me in a variety of places; photography is one of them.  The opportunity to capture a moment or object for posterity, is one that I seek to embrace, given of course that my camera is nearby.  I'm not sure who can resist passing by a sleeping kitten (in a bed of fuchsia colored sheep's wool) without grabbing for a camera.  I surely, am not one of those people who can resist that urge.

So, just like that our "glamour shots" session began. Having tried to take pictures of him in zoom kitten mode before, I can say this experience was far more successful in that there were much less opportunities for blurred photos. Which, of course, would basically lead to deleted images.  No, for this particular instance, I truly believe he was very purposely posing.

I cannot say what it is about this kitten that gets me speaking in funny voices; it's a baby, what can I say?! In my general opinion, babies of all kinds elicit notions of excessive squeezing, along with odd speaking sounds from those particularly enamored by babies.   I will vehemently admit that this kitten has complete control of my sensibilities.  And, when my youngest son says, "I've never heard you talk like that" in regard to this kitten...I am compelled to divert the attention from me and back to the kitten with a very distinct, "But wook at the wittle kitten...he's just a wittle baby..."

I may need help dealing with this cuteness if I am to be exposed to it with such frequency.   My vocabulary may be in jeopardy.  In addition, I see a remake of the movie, A Few Good Men.  In this case, the movie is titled, A Few Good Kittens and in my version Jack Nicholson's character bellows, "You can't handle the cuteness!".  See? It's a downward spiral for me.

Although, I may have exhausted this little guy with our photo shoot, I will be hard-pressed to tire of his adorable, furry self.

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