Friday, January 9, 2015

Tea, for me, goes like this...

Please humor me as I acknowledge the simple discovery of a winning combination. A trifecta of ingredients that makes for the perfect cup of tea.  Traditionally, I enjoy tea with honey.  Leaning towards the chai teas and other "spicier" blends, I generally enjoy a cup now and then throughout the winter.  In most cases, I start brewing the tea when I feel a cold coming on, as I know the honey has certain antiseptic properties. 

However, a fateful moment during a recent trip to the grocery store has changed my entire outlook on tea consumption.  In the moment that I reached for the box of Bigelow Chocolate Chai, a woman passed me by.  I, returning to my flat-footed position from standing on tip-toe to reach the top shelf, stood there in the middle of the aisle attempting to discover if Chocolate Chai smelled as delicious as I felt the name implied.  The aforementioned woman, with four simple words: "That tea is excellent", has since brought comfort to my soul.

It didn't happen all at once, I tried the tea with honey as I normally prepare my tea, and I enjoyed it. The chocolate is certainly not a dominant flavor, I'm not sure I can really pinpoint its inclusion exactly. In general, it is simply a very smooth, sweet tasting chai that is not overpowered by cinnamon.  Although, I never drink tea with milk, I did decide to try adding some coconut milk only yesterday.  And just like that, a spoonful of honey, a tablespoon of coconut milk and I have a "perfecto" cup of tea. A spot of tea in a mug, that I hold with two hands in order to embrace the warmth, while absorbing the aromatic steam in through my nose. 

The only thing missing, really, is a plate of yummy tea sandwiches.  I would be quite satisfied with butter sandwiched between graham crackers, but I will exercise self control and avoid that, this time.  I will, however, have a second cup of tea...

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