Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eat your heart out, Vincent

Recently, I shared my love for a field of purple on a popular social network.  This field of purple loosestrife was a gift to my visual senses earlier in August.  Moving on from that day, I'm thankful I took this picture because sometimes my mental pictures get a little fuzzy.  And, an actual photograph helps to keep the memory alive.

But, wait, what could be better than a field of purple?  Quite possibly a field of yellow; yellow sunflowers to be exact.  Colors have multiple meanings, depending on the particular shade of that hue.  Sunflower yellow is cheerful and happy.  The circular faces of these beauties seem to smile and the very bend in their stalks helps to personify their charm.

In any case, a simple drive from point A to point B awarded me with the surprising existence of this field of flowers.  It is a sight I had to make a special trip back to (luckily it is right "around the corner") to show my two boys.  A visual joy such as this is one is something that you want to share; something that you need to know others have had the pleasure of absorbing.

In this close-up, I couldn't help but think of Vincent Van Gogh and his famous painting of sunflowers.  At that moment I really wished for a "Van Gogh Effect" on my camera.  I don't know about you, but I'm seeing this last image painted in the illustrious dashes and swirls that Vincent is famous for.

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