Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello, Saturday

On a Saturday morning with a lot to do I'd like to pause to reflect on a few things.  When rounding the corner to go outside to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, I stumbled upon a myriad of iconic toys from across pop culture.  I particularly liked the combination of Star Wars and Littlest Pet Shop.  This representation of characters involved in a story that my two boys have conjured up, puts a smile on my face.  Revelling in the power of imagination is a great start to any day.

It appears we are ready for battle, Captain!

Now, for my coffee.  Out on the porch in the backyard, wasting time looking at what I'm supposed to be doing with my day, I marvel at the perfect coffee cup.  It is my favorite, purchased from a local artist Seth Rainville.   With a perfect coffee cup like this one, I'm going to take my time and fill it twice.

Finally, before I sit, I find that you should always look at your chairs before you sit...especially when outdside; which leads me to appreciate unexpected discoveries.

So, here's to imagination, the perfect cup and simple surprises. 

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