Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dandelion Days

Dandelions.  They are popping up everywhere.  And, I'm conflicted over these pint-sized puffballs.  On one hand, the mere sight of them requires me to make a wish, on the other hand, I'm concerned that scattering these will result in the ominous take over of my lawn.  The bright yellow bouquet that my seven-year old excitedly hands to me, is a reminder of the beauty present in this simple weed. But then there is the sticky "sap" that, as a child, stained many of my light colored shirts, while I struggled  to wash it from my hands.   In the end, though, it is that luminescent white puff perched up above the grasses that finds me feeling sorry for the somewhat underappreciated flower. 

Aside from the fact that the greens make a lovely addition to a salad, I am also dismayed by how difficult it is to uproot these stubborn little plants.  If they are going to come out of the ground roots and all, tools are required.  But, tonight, as I went about the chore of clearing some from my more orderly flower beds, I couldn't help but notice how delicately each little parachuting seed caught the wind.

I find myself simply awed by the sheer design of this wonderous globe.  I mean, look at it!  Although I didn't photograph it's humble yellow beginnings, the transformation from radiant petals to what you see here: a compact white orb dependent on the wind or the puckered lips of children to sustain its very existance, is nothing shy of an ordinary miracle.  And it is the latter, and possibly by my boys alone, that we find this to be one of the most capable of survivors.  In fact, I think Darwin had the persistant dandelion in mind when he penned his notorious evolutionary theory. 

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