Wednesday, March 20, 2013

There's always tomorrow...

I'm slipping.  My boys and I started a project back during February vacation and it remains unfinished.  Each weeknight that has passed I've said to myself, we will get to it on the weekend.  Each weekend that has passed, I have said, maybe we'll find a little time on a school night to get something done. With that said,  I would like to mention that "accountability" seems to be the word of the day (week, month, year).  So, with you as my audience, I ask that you hold me accountable for finishing this.  The project started with my youngest and I messing around with some Crayola Model Magic.  With lack of something better to make, we started making "eggs" of extraordinary colors.  My oldest, soon became intrigued and he began making his own, too.  With all of these eggs, we decided that they needed nests. 

Lightbulb.   Shredded paper (the pay stub, bank statement kind of shredded paper) meets flour and water, otherwise known as paper mache.  Bring forth the balloons and there you have a mold on which to start your nest.  

Having allowed the nests ample (I'll say!) time to dry, we are looking forward to dipping a little poly-fil in some paper mache to give our nests another kind of fiber, as many nests are made from any variety of fibrous materials.  Once they have dried a second time, the plan is to spray-paint them gold and make them dragon's nests.  Because, I guess, these are the types of eggs only a dragon could love.

Like a dragon, I'm hoping that sharing this tale will breath some much needed fire down my neck.

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