Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Time To Make The Donuts

Perhaps, if you remember the eighties, you may recall the popular Dunkin Donuts commercial in which the ever familiar mustached man drones the phrase, "Time to make the donuts", repeatedly throughout the advertisment.  It has quite effortlessly become synonomous with the act of going to work.  So, this morning, I may have subconsciously been thinking about how school vacation is coming to an end, and daily schedules are resuming, when I decided to make these tasty bites.

These baked chocolate donuts are the product of a recipe I found on another blog.  I highly recommend using this recipe.  The donuts baked up quite full and they retained their fluffiness even after cooling.  I also made the absent-minded mistake of using regular flour instead of cake flour.  (And, I have both on hand!)  I then used some store bought frosting, heated, with a little grapeseed oil added for dip-ability.  A drizzle of caramel and then finally some sprinkles (or jimmies, as we like to call them here in New England) to round out the tops.  My husband, who rarely cares for much in the morning other than his cereal, actually went back for seconds on these...if you knew his devotion to cereal this is quite a compliment to this recipe.

In any case, despite the success of this recipe, I am hearing the drone of those words, "Time to make the donuts", as I consider returning to work after our ten day reprieve.  I am thankful to have had this time off for the holidays.  I was able to spend some great time with my family, both immediate and extended.  And, as always, those moments spent cuddled on the couch with my boys under a blanket watching one of their favorite movies are some of my favorite.  So, yeah, I've got a bit of a drone to my voice...but, once we're back in the swing of things I know we will all feel good about resuming our normal routine.

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