Friday, January 4, 2013

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for...Bananas?

Sometimes in life, you've got to take one for the team.  In this case, I am the captain of the "team", writing a piece for the February issue of Southcoast Insider, a free-publication that circulates around Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island .  I had to do a bit of research for the article, so my boys, the good sports that they are, had to be my "teammates".  They took it well, though.  Being taste testers is tough business for sure.  Heaping on mini chips, chocolate sauce and sprinkles all for "the cause".  It's going to be tough trying to figure out who gets the MVP award. 

Here's the scoop, the article I'm writing is about the doldrums of winter and I offer up an idea or two that suggests ways of making those days spent indoors more interesting.  Although I will not explain the entire article, I will say that I had to try this so-called "ice cream" made with frozen bananas.  My youngest, as pictured above, is not heaping toppings onto French Vanilla ice cream.  Surprised?  Admittedly, my boys and I were surprised at how "ice-cream" like our treat turned out to be without any cream, and no added sugar...simply bananas (minus the toppings of course).  

Finally, a close-up for you to see the texture.  I used a cookie scoop to get a rounded top in their dishes.  The easiest part (besides eating it) was simply this, I sliced three ripe bananas and laid them on a cookie sheet overnight.  Once frozen, I placed them in a bowl and used my immersion blender to process them into the consistency you see here.  Once done, I scooped it into their waiting sundae glasses.  Toppings optional.  Peanut butter would be a great addition to this "ice-cream" for sure. Three bananas made about one and a half cups of the yummy stuff.  I will definitely stock up on bananas the next time I head to the grocery store.

What a win for the team.    

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