Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Knick knack paddywhack give yourself a peanut!

In Clinton, NY, there is a store called Paddywhacks.  It is on the quintessential “Main Street” complete with interesting shops, coffee bars, restaurants and a village green with a gazebo.  Of all of them, though, Paddywhacks was by far my favorite.  I am a self-proclaimed kid at heart and everything in this store spoke to my inner child.  The owner has curated such a wonderful collection of items that would interest any number of perusing personalities.  Although, my own children didn’t happen to be with me at the time, I was kid enough with my proclamations of excitement over a variety of items.  Granted, most of the items I found of particular interest were item’s I thought my two boys would find intriguing as well.  Even though I may be shopping without my children, my purchases are almost always governed by them.  These Italian cow glasses are one such example.

It is my youngest who is enamored with cows, but seeing as how I can’t buy something for one and not the other, I had to buy two cow glasses.  Naturally, my oldest didn’t mind.  But, I’ll keep a lookout for some dinosaur glasses, or bat glasses, or sea life, or….well, either way, my oldest would be content with a variety of choices. 

The next purchase, determined by my husband were the ever enjoyable “snapper bombs”.  Something a boy’s life should never be without, I presume.  I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t mention my own nostalgia, considering how I enjoyed throwing them against cement sidewalks and other hard surfaces to procure the satisfying pop/snap sound.
The final purchase at Paddywhacks was a bag full of circus peanuts. Now please don’t confuse them with the gross, (I’m sorry, but I’m just not a fan.) peanut shaped marshmallow variety. In fact, although Paddywhacks had them labeled as circus peanuts, they are actually found online as Honeycomb Peanuts. In a nut shell, they are peanut shaped butterfingers without the chocolate, wrapped in a lovely orange-toned cellophane wrapper. I swear, when you happen upon a barrel of these in a store such as Paddywhacks you cannot leave without filling a bag with a scoopful or two.

In my travels, I have never encountered these Honeycomb Peanuts anywhere but in Clinton, NY. I successfully found them on Amazon.com and will be putting in an order shortly. Can we say stocking stuffers, basket-fillers and an apothecary jar perfectly placed for grabbing handfuls as you walk out the door?


  1. Shame you don't have the secret candy dish in the stairway banister anymore. Those honeycomb peanuts would be perfect there.

  2. So true! That was a great little hide-away...