Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Starting with Me

I’ve been remiss in posting. In my defense, I have been writing; just not for my blog. I’ve had the opportunity to get an article published in a free magazine that circulates in Southeastern MA and RI. Admittedly, however, when I start to consider a topic I want to write about, I really have to wrap my head around the idea and how I would like to express that idea. Sometimes, I have difficulty convincing myself that it is a topic everyone/anyone would want to read about. With that self-doubt comes the inevitable end result of several weeks without a blog post. Combine that with back-to-school routines, both mine and my children’s, planning for a 9-year olds birthday and writing for my first published piece, well then, that makes for 2 ½ months of no blog posts.

But, unlike the diary entries of my 13 year-old self, I am not going to go beyond that. I have no apologies for how long it’s been since I’ve written here last, and I certainly will not continue to say how busy life has been. That is a given. Everyone’s life is busy.

I recently bought the book, One Good Deed, and I have another book called, The Daily Book of Art: 365 readings that teach, inspire & entertain. Both books have one thing in common: 365 days of content. Read one excerpt a day for a year. That’s it. No strings attached. If you decide to be inspired by something you read on day 75, then great! If on day 138, you decide that you want to try whatever was discussed; then so be it. I have been thinking about both of these books off and on for about a month, now. And, although this may not be my most interesting post, I’m not going to second guess what gets my thoughts racing. This blog is my chance to share moments of creativity occurring in my daily life. This may come in a variety of forms, such as my children, art, cooking, writing, and books, to name a few. I will not promise to write every day; only that I will write for myself. Because if there is anything I have learned from getting this recent article published, it is that I am excited by writing. I am no longer going to put aside a dream I have had since I was an adolescent. I will write. And, I will write with the hope of appealing to the interests of others. But mostly, I will write for me.

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