Thursday, January 19, 2012

A tongue twister too early in the morning

For a while now, I have been trying to get these Ebelskiver-things right. An Ebelskiver (Can you say that 5 times fast?) is basically a filled pancake of Danish origin. According to all that I have read, any pancake mix will do in making these donut-hole wannabees. My past attempts have ended in doughy messes stuck to the pan with fillings of all kinds leaking out. Time, however, has healed any resentment I may have forged towards my Ebelskiver pan. Afterall, it couldn't possibly be something I did.

*Wink Wink*

With the above ebelskivers filled with a variety of products from below, I made another attempt at creating an aesthetically pleasing, as well as tasty filled pancake.

My boys requested that we try strawberry jam, PB & J, Nutella, PB and butterscotch chips and Nutella and PB together. Putting fruit in the ebelskiver is best; peanut butter tends to dry it out a bit, but this is easily doctored with maple syrup and/or whipped cream. The Nutella was very good, and chocolate in it's "kiss" form is also a winner.

Aesthetically, I'm much happier with these. Despite the adage that the pan I was using was "non-stick", I made sure to spray the pan before each batch. I also made sure to keep the heat on low throughout the cooking process. Finally, I didn't rush to turn them. In my anxiousness to eat them, I was causing these little puffs of joy to break open before they had time to really set up. Clearly *cough cough* the fault of the pan.

In the end, they were enjoyed by all. This one shows a little bit of that pb and butterscotch all melted together. I later topped this one with whipped cream; forgoing the maple syrup to avoid extra calories. I know....why? Let's just say it's a new year's resolution thing.

Next time I'm going to try an ebelskiver recipe from scratch. Perhaps, to really achieve spherical perfection I will need to stay true to it's Danish origins. Afterall, I've never met a danish I didn't like.