Monday, June 20, 2011

A Berry Good Place to Visit

Sometimes I wonder where I've been that I don't know about places that are well within a 30-40 mile radius of where I live. Take Sweet Berry Farm, for instance, it is a 100 acre farm in Middletown, RI at which you are able to pick-your-own strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, apples, and pumpkins as they are in season. And don't worry, once the pumpkins are gone, there is still reason to return in November and December for Christmas trees. But, what puts this pick-your-own farm stand a peck above every other is the inclusion of a bakery and cafe which makes it nice when every one is all picked out.

Sweet Berry Farm also displays and sells artwork by local artists and they have a variety of fun diversions, such as the above photo opportunity, beautifully painted I must say. A fun house mirror, that had my boys in stitches, stands outside the entrance. Ice cream in flavors like: cardamom coffee, salted caramel swirl and meyer lemon are also on hand, along with a soft serve machine for those in your party who like to keep it simple with a vanilla chocolate twist.

So, with the sun shining and the berries layed out before us, my boys and I set out to pick ourselves some fruit. My oldest was more focused and determined at finding the best berries, while my youngest, well, he was more interested in running the rows and seeing how well he could jump over them without squishing any berries with his heel.

Of course, there is always that one last berry that you see after you are supposed to be leaving...luscious and ripe, like this one. I took it's picture; immortalizing it for life. After which time, I picked it and ate it!

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