Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Unwrapping a gummy bear

Today, he wants to be a paleantologist. Perhaps he will be an engineer, a writer or a candy-maker. Everyday, though, he loves to draw. I really should post more of what my boys create. I really could, too, because I think I've saved everything. Well, maybe not everything. I do not save all work that has been colored from a coloring book. Original stuff only. And, there really is a lot. But, that is probably a discussion for another day.

On one particular weeknight, not so long ago, my son set forth to draw a machine that makes gummy bears. The easel, which also houses a dry-erase board, is located in our dining room and is the place for many an after-dinner drawing, list, or sight word quiz. On this particular evening, and no, David Macaulay was not our dinner guest, gummy bears were "Unwrapped".

In the case of this machine, everybody had a little bit of say in dertermining how this mechanism produced gummy bears. I for one, am a fan of my son's inclusion of the fire (bottom, center) that is creating the energy by which to run this well-oiled machine. There is also a place for leftover gummy product which exits the machinery on the left by way of the orange tubing. And, don't forget that all gummy bears are given a final waxy coating to give them their polish; their shine, which you can see being zapped on in the center above the fire. Finally, every machine needs someone to oversee the successful production of its' product. In this case that person is another gummy bear, as seen seated near the control panel to the left of the fire. It would seem, then, that this is no mere candy-making operation, but in fact a diabolical plan for one candy to clone itself with the hopes of conquering the world market as we know it!

O.K., so I have gotten a bit carried away.

But I swear, when I look at this drawing, I can hear the "glop" as gummy goodness is pressed onto the conveyor, and I can smell that sweet, fruity aroma of warm gummy bears wafting through my house.

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