Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Walk

After many discussions regarding animal tracks, my son's first grade teacher organized a winter walk this past Sunday morning. The walk took place at a local woodland reserve, Destruction Brook Woods. The main purpose was for children to come together with their families to further explore the comings and goings of animals through their prints in the snow. After a brief introduction by a DNRT representative, families split into three groups; each being led by one of the teachers whom organized the event.

Along the way, we found many tracks. Most commonly represented were the tell-tale signs of the rabbit. As if the rabbit weren't cute enough, the tracks it leaves behind even resemble the silhouette of a rabbit. Other tracks noted include those of coyote, raccoon, fox and deer.

It was impressive to see the families that came out to enjoy this event. The children were excited to see each other and really got into "tracking" mode. Yet, their excitment was controlled and purposeful, hushed by the calm after a new-fallen snow. The majestic trees with snow-capped branches created a picturesque backdrop for a morning of discovery.

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