Tuesday, November 23, 2010

To Feed My Soul

I am a starving artist, although not in the typical sense that one associates with that term. I am not trying to feed my family on the sale of my art alone, but rather I am starved for the chance to even create my own artwork. My job affords me the opportunity to be creative, but more vicariously through others. There is my home and my yard, too, that I spend time decorating and landscaping. There is some nourishment from this, as well. But, yet I am still hungry. Cooking and baking allow other opportunities to satiate my need to create, but this only provides temporary satisfaction. And, then there are the projects that I plan for my own children which provide longer lasting contentment. Their eagerness throughout the process and excitement over the final product offer up a healthy portion of creative energy.

With this, I begin with a plate. A plate made in Deruta, Italy, one of the oldest town's still make majolica in Italy. Deruta potter's reached their peak during the Renaissance, but continue the tradition to this day. When in need, I look to their surface designs as a source of inspiration. Here is a sketch that I have created for a tile plaque of which will be part of a series. I have used the Deruta motifs to help with my creative process. Beginning this sketch was extremely satisfying.

Following through with the start of the tile was fulfilling. Although it is not done, I am content with the fact that it is in process and that I have a scope and sequence of future pieces to come.

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