Friday, June 18, 2010

Brick by Brick

It has been several months since my last post and that is directly related to the fact that we have sold our house and will be moving now in a matter of days. The process has seemed endless and remains to seem that way as I anticipate the impending fact that we will soon be unpacking. And, I have begun to believe that what took us a couple of months to do will now probably take double the time to undo. That aside, as we paced ourselves in what was to be put into boxes first, we knew that the kid's toys would have to be put into storage slowly and with care as to the order in which things were tucked away. Some legos were put away immediately, but others, specifically the duplo legos, remained in our midst up until only days ago. And with not much else to play with, the duplos provided hours of uninterupted fun.

The above example shows you what the boys created one early Saturday morning. I played around with the photograph in Photoshop a little bit to make it look like an artist's sketch. I think it eludes to how the idea would look inside a little boy's mind, as he plans out his next structure. Oh, who I am kidding? I really wanted to camouflage the mess of a house that was the background of this picture. Regardless, I am happy with my efforts, no matter what the motive.

From two young lego builders to another more established brick artist, Nathan Sawaya created the above example. This piece is completely made out of legos and he, much to my excitement, has an exhibit currently on view at the D'Amour Museum of Fine Arts, in Springfield, MA. You can rest assured that, despite my moving madness, we will make sure to take the boys to see the work of this amazing artist. Because, all work and no play does not = FUN!

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